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Slimming Pills

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to lose weight, you will not find it. There is no ultimate quick fix when it comes to slimming pills; however there are weight loss treatments out there that can significantly aid your efforts. Our slimming advice falls into three broad categories:


Prescription Slimming Pills.

There are currently only two weight loss pills available on prescription in the UK - Branded Xenical (Orlistat) and generic orlistat. They should only be taken following approval from a doctor.

These slimming pills work in completely different ways. Xenical prevents 30% of the fat that you eat from being absorbed, which means the body turns to existing fat to burn calories.

Both of these drugs have been clinically proved to work, however, they must be used with diet and exercise and only be prescribed to people who are above a certain Body Mass Index (BMI). Check you BMI to see whether or not you could benefits from prescription slimming pills.

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Over-The-Counter Weight Loss Pills.

Most over-the-counter slimming pills promise a lot – maximum results with minimum effort. Many of them are very expensive, promote rapid weight loss and fail to come with dietary advice. Sometimes you can see results with over the counter weight loss pills but this is more likely due to a placebo effect and changes in lifestyle and diet, rather than a medical phenomenon.

There is very little scientific evidence that over-the-counter slimming pills will help you lose weight and keep it off on long term basis. Even if research has been carried out, it's usually confined to small studies, the results of which haven't been repeated or seen in larger studies.

More importantly, you could potentially be putting your health at risk. They often provide very little information on the packaging and people may be unaware that some slimming pills could be harmful if you have a medical condition or you are on certain medication.

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Conditions Needed For Weight Loss to be Successful.

Before you take slimming pills, think very carefully about whether you really need to lose weight. You should calculate your BMI (body mass index) to see whether or not slimming pills could be of use to you.

If you are medically overweight, whether you decide to take weight loss pills or not, the best way remedy in the long term is to eat a healthy, balanced diet and take plenty of regular exercise.

Physical activity: Regular exercise increases the amount of calories you use up.

You should aim to do a minimum of 30 minutes exercise a day. This doesn't necessarily mean joining a gym, it can include walking or cycling to and from work, a brisk walk at lunchtime, or using the stairs instead of the lift.

It is important when starting to exercise that you build up gradually and please bear in mind that if you have not exercised in a while, you should take a trip to your GP for a health assessment before beginning any serious training.

Healthy eating: Crash dieting does not work. It may allow you to lose weight quickly, but you are unlikely to keep it off. You need to change you're eating habits for good to prevent weight gain. To reach and maintain a healthy weight, you need to eat a diet that contains balanced amounts of carbohydrates and proteins. You should also aim to include five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Your diet should not include too much fat, salt or sugar.

You have to be realistic and healthy about how much weight you want to lose and how quickly. Gradual weight loss of around 0.45-0.9kg (1-2lb) per week is usually recommended.

The best advice is to eat normal foods, but in moderation.