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New! Levitra Orodispersible (Vardenafil)

The Levitra orodispersible soft tabs are a revolutionary way of treating erectile dysfunction. The dissolvable formula is ideal for those who have difficulty swallowing the regular Levitra 10mg tablets or for those who want a faster acting drug. Erectile Dysfunction treatments have come a long way in the last decade completely changing how the condition is treated – Levitra Orodispersible tabs are a welcome addition to the already available. Take full control of ED today and find a treatment which suits your lifestyle.

Discrete and easy to use the dissolvable tabs disappear within a matter of seconds, and get to work faster, so you can get on with enjoying your sex life.

What is Levitra orodispersible?

Levitra orodispersible is the easy-to-use, fast-acting soluble soft tab available from Bayer, the pharmaceutical giant. The ED treatment, launched in Europe in November 2010, is also known as Levitra dissolvable due to the way in which it is taken.

Unlike Levitra film-coated tablets, for now, Levitra orodispersible is only available in a 10mg dose. This means that patients who take either the lower 5mg or higher 20mg doses may not be able to successfully switch to the dissolvable formula.

How does it work?

Both Levitra formulas contain the same active ingredient, Vardenafil, and both are proven to work in successfully treating men with erectile dysfunction. The dissolvable Levitra tabs work in the same way as Levitra film-coated pills: they are vasodilators and therefore, just as other ED medicines, help to relax the blood vessels to favour better blood-flow to all areas. The effects of Levitra orodispersible last up to 8 hours and allow a man to achieve an erection more easily during this “window”.

The main changes with the new treatment are the faster speed with which it gets to work and the easy to take dissolvable aspect.

How do I take it?

The orodispersable tabs are different to any other erectile dysfunction alternatives, like Cialis and Viagra, which are available only in tablet form. Levitra soluble is a pleasant mint-flavoured oral medicine which quickly dissolves when placed on the tongue.

  • Take one 10mg tab 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse.
  • Place the tab in the middle of your tongue and wait for it to dissolve - No water is required.

Orodispersible tabs act faster than any other ED oral treatment, so you can start to enjoy sex quicker.

A discrete new treatment

Buying ED medicines can be embarrassing for many men, and with this in mind Bayer, the makers of Levitra orodispersible, have created slim-line designed packaging for the dissolvable tabs. The discrete sliding sleek design makes the tabs easy to carry and quick to take; whether for a first encounter or to avoid interrupting the build up to intercourse.

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