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Prima-Med is an online consultation service using real doctors to provide a discreet and convenient method of ordering prescription treatments online. We are a United Kingdom registered service, regulated by the Care Quality Commission to guarantee patient care and safety. Launched in 2003, Prima-med was the first multilingual online prescription supplier. Try our service today and find out why over 150,000 customers already use Prima-med, "Europe's leading online private medical service".

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Why Choose Prima-Med
  • Genuine, branded medicines from the licensed manufacturers
  • EU-registered doctors & UK-based pharmacies guaranteed quality
  • Discreet & confidential service
  • No hidden charges, prescription costs already included

To order please simply select your treatments and then continue, you will be asked to answer medical questions which are sent to our doctor so he can write a prescription for you.

About PrimaMed Viagra

"The original innovator!" and still the most popular and recognised impotence treatment. Sildenafil Citrate is highly regarded by most of our patients as the strongest and most robust impotence treatment available, working well in those even with severe diabetes.

buy cialis Cialis

Cialis Tadalafil was created by Lilly Icos for use specifically as an erectile dysfunction treatment. Its longer duration of up to 36 hours has earned it the nickname 'the weekender' among its many fans who also appreciate its reduced side effects.


Like other ED meds Vardenafil was developed it for use as an erection aid. However, Bayer & Glaxosmithkline designed it to be just right not too strong or too week. Its duration is also inbetween that of Viagra and Cialis - neither too short or too long.

About PrimaMed Ed-trial

Even following a face-to-face consultation a doctor wouldn't be able predict the most suitable ED treatment. The only way is to try all different medications. To help Prima-Med has a trial pack available at 20% discount to help customers find the right treatment.

About PrimaMed Levitra Orodispersible

This soluble tablet is not digested giving the benefit of fewer side effects associated with the digestive tract such as indigestion. Launched in Novemeber 2010 Levitra Orodispersible has already converted many customers thanks to its easy-to-take soft tab formula.

About PrimaMed Cialis daily

Cialis once a day is the only daily impotence treatment available and is ideal for high frequency users, those who prefer the peace of mind the constant effect associated with the daily tablet. The daily dose takes three days to build up in the body.

About PrimaMed Xenical

Xenical orlistat is currently the only prescription treatment available for weight loss. Not an appetite suppressant Xenical blocks the bodies emzymes from absorbing fat. For every 2 lbs lost through diet and excersise it can help with the loss of an extra lb.

About PrimaMed Propecia

Propecia Finasteride has been helping people to regain much growth for over a decade now. Still the only prescription medication to treat hair loss, results take about 6 months to appear and the high volume of satisfied repeat prescriptions show its effectiveness.

About PrimaMed Malarone

Antimalarial prescription treatments like Malarone are essential for all those traveling in malarious areas. Made from compound of two established malarials guarantees Malarone's effectiveness, and means it can be started just 2 days before needed.


Our most popular treatments

Weight Loss

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for our wellbeing, but for some diet and exercise alone are simply not enough. If you are struggling to lose weight there are other options available. Combine your weight loss efforts with Xenical or its generic equivalent orlistat 120mg.

Both Xenical and generic orlistat work in exactly the same way to prevent your body from absorbing around 30% of all fats consumed as part of your normal diet.

Keep your BMI within a normal range and boost your weight loss efforts with an effective diet pill:

Xenical Generic orlistat

Erectile Dysfuntion

Erectile dysfunction is a problem which affects around 40% of men over 40. On average men wait nearly 2 years before consulting a doctor and in the meantime they suffer in silence. Vasodilators help to improve blood flow and improve your erection giving you a more satisfactory sex life.

The range of available products offers an excellent choice of treatments for impotence. Pills to be taken when needed, daily medications and soft tabs are available options for ED treatment.

Choose an ED treatment today or compare their effects by trying one of our ED trial pack:

Viagra Cialis Levitra Cialis OAD Levitra oro

Why buy from Prima-Med online pharmacy?

Prima-Med online pharmacy provides a CQC-registered prescription service.

As a Care Quality Commission registered private medical service we can offer you a truly genuine and reliable source of real prescription medicines. The British health care services regulatory body carries out periodic inspections on our company in order to ensure you get the highest quality doctor's service.

We only sell real branded UK and EU-manufactured medicines. Buy online with a GMC doctor's prescription:
Buying medicines online

The Contraceptive Pill

The contraceptive pill allows couples to choose if and when they want to have a baby.

The pill is a type of oral hormonal contraceptive used to avoid unplanned pregnancy. Other hormonal methods of contraception include: the mini-pill, the patch, the implant, the vaginal ring and the injection. When used correctly hormonal contraceptives are 98-99% effective against unwanted pregnancy.

Choose a hormonal contraceptive from the selection on offer from the Prima-med online pharmacy:

The Pill The Evra Patch NuvaRing